Group Registrations

CDM encourages groups to gather and view the videos together. To that end, we offer the following group discounts.

What are the group rates?

  • Groups of 7 or fewer  –  $1,000
  • Groups of 8 to 15 – $1,500
  • Groups 16+  –  $2,000

Here is what you need to get your group registered:

  • Decide how many people are going to participate . (Remember to include your women, elders and other church leaders who will be viewing the training.)
  • Click the “Group Registration” button and select the appropriate group size.
  • Enter your name (as the registrar) and contact information for the church.
  • You will receive an email within one business day with a special coupon code — which you will forward to each group member.
  • You will also receive an invoice. Please forward it to your church treasurer for payment.

How do the people in my group gain access to the videos?

  • Each participant will go to and click on the “Individual Registration” button and select the coupon code option.
  • Each will enter their name, address, email, church, username, password, etc.
  • Right before the Credit Card information, there is a link that says “Have a Coupon Code?”.
  • Click on the Coupon Code link and enter the code provided. (Do NOT enter your credit card information)
  • Each person will then have access to the site for 24 months. (Note: Please do not “share” your log-in information with others.)
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