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Welcome to the Help[H]er Advocacy Video Training Site…

Before you begin your video training…

Please make sure you have access to the following eleven books which are classified as “recommended reading” for participants in the training program. The Study Guide is your companion as you work through the video training and roundtable sessions. The other ten books provide essential content, one for each of the training modules.

As a convenience, you can purchase all eleven books “as a bundle” from the PCA Bookstore.  The retail price of all 11 books is $196 but they can be purchased as a set for $156.80. (additional discounts apply when purchasing 4 or more sets).  If you already own one or more of the essential books, you can purchase the other books, à la carte, from the PCA Bookstore at a significant savings.

Speakers on the Videos:

Thomas Groelsema | Bernie Lawrence | Ann Maree Goudzwaard | Sarah Ivill | Connie Miller | Michael Kruger | Derek Wells | Melanie Cogdill | Bob Goudzwaard | Teresa Gillis

Disclaimer: This advocacy training program is intended to equip women of the church to partner with elders to help women navigate crisis from a biblical perspective. It is not intended to equip advocates to replace trained professional counselors and/or civil authorities, who may be needed in certain situations.

This Training site is sponsored by  theCommittee on Discipleship Ministries and is charged by the
Presbyterian Church in America with the task of equipping and discipling the churches of the denomination.